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Impressions from the Hotel Riesenbeck

Hello in your private hotel Riesenbeck

We are pleased that you are here and that we can make your time here in Riesenbeck a little more pleasant with our somewhat different hotel. Take a few minutes to get to know our concept and everything important for your stay in 4 short videos.

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Whatever you have in mind... we've already thought of it for you

"As my house guest, you should be happy and want for nothing. That is important. But since "being happy" looks a little different for each of us, I have come up with something for you. How about combining the feeling and freedom of home with great benefits and smart service in a 24-hour feel-good living room? I think we've implemented something you might like. Click through our concept and find out if you fit to us. We think we fit you. " Fancy dining across the street? Order delivery service to your table? Münsterland stews from our soup bar or the meatballs you brought with you with grandma's delicious pasta salad? No matter what you feel like and how you decide. We have thought along with you and provide you with the necessary information, tools and solutions for every decision.

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Your 24-hour living room in the private hotel Riesenbeck

We'll leave you alone here.
See you for breakfast and check-out. Of course you can come with us at any timeContact to record.

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Your 24-hour living room in the private hotel Riesenbeck

Digital check in, directions, door code...
To ensure that your arrival and stay with us is as pleasant, uncomplicated and stress-free as possible, we have briefly and concisely summarized the most important things for you. On the day of arrival we will automatically create a guest ID (door code) for you. This ID is your personal key. It opens all doors for you during your stay by typing on the touch fields. 

Our Hotel Riesenbeck

Sometimes pictures say more than words. We hope you like it.